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Torchwood Fic: "We Attack From Both Sides"
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cirrocumulus wrote in cirro_media
Title: We Attack From Both Sides
Fandom/Pairing: Torchwood, Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Words: 1,180
Summary: Continuation of Geode 1, 2, 3. Basically: Jack and Ianto have sex. Mostly PWP. A friend jokingly asked me to write it so I seriously wrote it.
Disclaimer: Do not own the characters, show, franchise, etc.
Acknowledgements: Thanks so much to my wonderful friend Elizabeth for beta-ing.

Jack's knees gave out as he collided with the edge of Ianto's bed and the two collapsed onto the mattress, Jack sitting on the edge with Ianto straddling his lap. The position provided Ianto with the advantage of being taller than Jack for the time, and Jack, so used to being the tallest person in nearly any room, reveled in the novelty of being below somebody, of having to tilt his head up to anybody else's for a change. Ianto ran his fingers through the material of Jack's shirt, starting near his waist and threading his fingers stealthily up along his spine and caressing his shoulders, his neck. Jack panted into the curve of Ianto's neck, taking the opportunity to briefly tongue his soft skin, already thinly layered with sweat. Just as he was about to bite him Ianto abruptly hooked his fingers under Jack's jaw line and tilted Jack's face toward him, kissing him slowly, punctuating the kiss with a sharp bite to Jack's bottom lip; Jack had to brace his hands against the bed to keep from falling backward. He was aching not just in the conventional places but in his fingers and teeth as well.

Ianto observed Jack's supplicating distress with an almost cool eye; there was no mistaking his tousled clothes and pink-tinged skin, but even behind the heat of his eyes was the calculating stare of a field marshal formulating a quick plan of attack. Jack nearly collapsed under the stare on his own, but Ianto took the initiative of gently pushing Jack backwards, hands flat against his chest, the initial horizontal pressure translating into an altogether different animal as Ianto climbed atop him and started undoing the buttons on Jack's shirt, savoring Jack's squirming, running his hands along Jack's stomach as if absorbing his arousal right into his own body. Jack smirked as he watched him.

"You're one of those altruistic voyeur-types who gets off on other people getting off, aren't you?" Jack panted with whatever air was making it into his lungs.

"I said no talking," Ianto said in a low voice that Jack had never heard before but regarded with optimism nonetheless.

"Who wears braces anyway?" Ianto asked roughly, fiddling with the clasps on Jack's trousers. "They're very 1940's, which this isn't. Obviously. Else we likely wouldn't be doing this."

"N... no talking..." Jack mumbled, his tongue occupied with quite different ideas besides forming coherent words.

"No," Ianto smirked, peeling off Jack's shirt (which, Jack could have sworn, was already wilting from the heat), "I said you can't talk."

"Uh huh," Jack slurred. "Hey, aren't you wearing way too much clothing?"

"If you think so," Ianto said with a smile, and rose up on his knees slightly, though still bending over Jack, making a full show of gently threading his tie through his collar and stripping off his suit jacket, depositing both out of sight; but the sight of Ianto in his pressed work shirt and gentlemanly waistcoat was too much for Jack not to sabotage himself. He rose up to intercept Ianto's delicate hands before they could start work on his waistcoat buttons and for a moment Jack forgot about the buttons entirely, studying instead the slender fingers he had captured in his own. Slowly Jack lifted Ianto's captive hand to his mouth, kissing his knuckles, then teasingly licking his cool fingertips, all the while watching Ianto's face. Jack accepted the thumb that Ianto offered him and sucked it keenly; Ianto seemed entranced by the display, as if he were just now allowing himself to be taken under, in a way that Jack in turn found entirely mesmerizing.

Jack relinquished Ianto's hand, which fell onto the blanket as if now lost for a purpose, and started attacking Ianto's waistcoat buttons proper, slipping out one after the other and then gently folding it around Ianto's shoulders. Of course, underneath was Ianto's work shirt-- a box inside of a box. (The shirt probably wasn't the last box.)

"How many layers--?" Jack panted with half-false exasperation, and Ianto swiftly batted away Jack's hands and finished his unwrapping with deft speed, practically tearing the shirt from his body and trouncing Jack all in one movement.

Jack gasped as Ianto ground against him, the rough pressure almost painfully good, and Jack tilted his head back in an invitation that Ianto gladly accepted, biting a row of marks from under his jaw down almost to his collarbone. Of course they were still wearing pants, and Jack could only imagine that Ianto was some kind of hideously kinky bastard, the extent of which Jack could only imagine (not unpleasantly).

Ianto held Jack's face steady with his hands as they moved, staring into his eyes with an almost frightening intensity, and Jack tried to press as hard as he could against Ianto's weight, muffling his noises into Ianto's shoulder to avoid saying anything by accident. Suddenly Ianto eased up and crawled back slightly, taking only as much time as was necessary to unzip both of their zippers (Jack shuddered just from the light movement of Ianto's fingers and his pants fabric over his cock) and then laid back on top of Jack; the naked contact was so good Jack thought he might have cried. Ianto finally seemed to be giving in, tucking his head into Jack's throat and eliciting soft, torturous moans that Jack listened to raptly with eyes closed, tracing every sound. Ianto came first with a bit-back yell that escaped as a hot gasp and Jack briefly moaned in sympathy.

Ianto shook his head like a startled animal and remained panting for a moment, watching Jack's face with an unreadable yet bizarrely unnerving expression, before practically prowling backwards off the bed to kneel on the floor. Jack sat up to follow his movements curiously and Ianto sat smirking up at Jack before taking Jack into his mouth. Jack gasped and closed his eyes as Ianto teased him skillfully, playing with his tongue and his teeth; Jack could feel the sensation building and it seemed only moments before he came. Jack sat panting on the edge of the bed, trying to retrieve the scattered pieces of his mind, while Ianto gently removed himself from the situation. Jack had reached out a hand to touch Ianto's face but Ianto had stood up already and was loitering off to the side, trying to act casual but not bothering to zip his pants up either.

"So," Ianto said, every bit of business and professionalism back in place, "I suppose I'll see you at work tomorrow."

"Oh-- uh, yeah," Jack said, doing his pants back up and searching the room for his other forlorn items of clothing. It wasn't like Jack had been expecting to stay, but once Ianto mentioned it he realized that he actually kind of had.

Ianto smiled almost politely as Jack left, and the night was shockingly cold as Jack stepped out of Ianto's flat onto the stairway. Jack shrugged into the collar of his coat, into the empty heat that was only his own rebounded warmth.

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Why did I find that hot and then sad ?

That was amazing!
Would asking for another sequel work?
I could beg, if that would swing it...

woah. Yeah. What totallytracy said. One Nextminute...huh?

Yes. Impact is the word here I think.

that was....can you write some more please??? Like - before? and - after? Please? I'll beg right there alongside plotbunnies!!

The "before" is actually right here. :)

ETA: Oh, wait, nevermind, you did read it. Ha.

Edited at 2008-06-27 11:04 pm (UTC)

yeah sorry about that - posted before I'd actually seen that you had the link to a prequel right there!

and a sequel? Perhaps?

Haha, I don't know about a sequel to this particular fic. (Though I said I wouldn't write a sequel to Geode, which this is exactly, so really, who knows?) I am currently working on another J/I fic that's unrelated to this one, though.

Again, an incredible piece - please continue.

Okay wow - the dichotomy of that last moment made my head spin.

I have to second Teach's was all hot and yummy and then Ianto's kicking him out! I was like, DAMN...but this was really good. Kinda sad at the end. Poor Jack.

Woah that was so cool, love the ending, contrast of control and the lack of it thfoughout was really interesting.

I liked the idea of Ianto being in control of the situation, and having Jack all confused. It's interesting to think they are complete opposites in the bedroom then they are outside of it.

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