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Fanart: "Haunted."
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cirrocumulus wrote in cirro_media
Title: haunted.
Rating: PG
A/N: kayliemalinza gave me the prompt, "ghost!Kirk haunting someone." All cryptic incomprehensibility is entirely my fault. Cut text is from "Sylvia (An Introduction)" by The Antlers, which is merely an excuse for me to pimp them.


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this is a fantastic piece of art, and really depressing! ;D thanks for sharing.

Oh my god, you SLAYED me with this. Totally beautiful and heartbreaking. Just wow.

oh that is so beautiful and so sad. great job.

so beautiful and heartbreaking ;_;

gorgeous! especially love jim and spock in the next to last panel.

also; now hooked on the antlers. great band!

Oh! Broke my heart :( ♥ But this was really, really well-done and beautifully executed! I'm definitely saving this to my "Awesome Trek Fan Art" folder ;)

How beautiful... and so melancholy! It makes my heart ache looking at it, but in a good way! Hehe.

I just want to hug them both. <3 Very nicely done!

Lol, I was thinking about making a joke about how I don't think I'd mind if Kirk haunted me or something... but now I'm glad I didn't. XD This piece is too sweet and lovely for my dumb humor to taint.

So pretty and sad. Beautiful job bb.

This is heartbreaking, and beautiful.
Spock watching the moon/planet stole my breath. The curved ear, the shadows and the loneliness...
The details on the bridge are incredible. Well, everything is incredible. At least, Spock doesn´t have captain´s braids, or I would be a very dead corpse by now.

Now I want to read that GhostKirk fic again, if I can find it.:D

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That fic sounds creepy and awesome. Do you have a link to it?

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That's gorgeous but so sad! T____T

This is amazing, heartbreaking but AMAZING. All the details you put into the bridge background have my nerdgasming all over the place. *A*

Awwwwwwwww no! )':

So great though bb! Excellent job!! :D

Oh, wow. So beautiful and heartwrenching. I love the darkness - I have a tendency to make everything brightly colored, and I forget how that can evoke a mood. You did that perfectly. Love it.


O gosh this is so powerful. Love all the detail and your drawing style is AMAZING

Aw, this is really sad and heartbreaking. I felt so bad for Spock. I'm now going to imagine that Kirk was just out-of-phase (or some other science-babble mishap) and will get rematerialized any moment now...

I love this thanks for posting xx

You have emotionally compromised me. This calls for a crying Spock gif to emphasize how beautiful this is.

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This gif reminds me... Is Spock the only TOS character who cries (of the main crew)? He does so in "The Naked Time," "Devil in the Dark," "Plato's Stepchildren," and TMP. I admit I haven't seen all of the films, so I'm not 100% sure of this. But if so, how interesting.

I love what you did with the lighting! And all the instruments on the Bridge. This is awesome!

The bridge is just amazing! I love how their faces look, especially Kirk's when he's near Spock. Beautiful.

How beautiful and sad. I love how you made it have such atmosphere, and how you told a story. ♥

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Awh. This broke my heart, and I can't even really explain why. Normally, it's pretty hard to make me emotional. It's the first time fan art has ever affected me so much.

Somehow, I find it really sad that even though he's dead, Jim is still sitting in the Captain's chair, watching over his ship. And Spock standing on the Bridge alone, with his hand on the Captain's chair and then the panel where they're 'looking' at each other (or at least where Jim is looking at Spock) just about killed me. And the last panel, too.

Also, I just have to add that I can't believe the amount of detail you've put into this (and still managed not to make it detract from the atmosphere).

This is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for posting.


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